Caseload for a Divorce Lawyer

Caseload for a Divorce Lawyer
A large caseload may limit what your attorney can do for you

The Divorce Lawyer’s Current Caseload

The divorce attorney’s caseload may impact his or her ability to competently serve you.

For example, a divorce attorney may care for his or her clients and their cases.  Or, a he or she may be dedicated and works hard on cases. 

However, even with these qualities, no divorce attorney is immune to the limitations of time. If an attorney takes more clients and cases than he or she can handle, it may lower the quality and timeliness of service. 

Therefore, to ensure that you and your divorce case get the quality representation and attention that you deserve, don’t overlook the fact that the divorce attorney that you’re considering may already have a full plate.

Questions to Figure Out a Lawyer’s Caseload

When you’re talking with a possible attorney some possible questions are:

  • What is your current caseload? 
  • How quickly do you return phone calls?  
  • How quickly do you return emails?
  • Will you be able to give my case time and attention? 
  • How quickly do you review documents and get them to me?

By asking these questions, you signal to the lawyer that this is a concern for you.  This should force the lawyer to think about his or her situation.  Lawyers have a duty of honesty with their dealings.  Therefore, any attorney should be able to honestly answer these questions for you.

In addition, the lawyer is now aware that this matters to you.  He or she will be able to ensure that caseload will not impact your service.

By voicing your concerns you increase your chances of receiving quality representation and services.  It’s in any lawyer’s best interest to keep clients happy.

Benefit of Exclusive Family Law Practice

Additionally, if the attorney practices exclusively in family law, he or she can have more clients than an attorney who practices in several areas of law.  The general practice attorney serves a wide range of clients.  He or she has to set aside more time to learn and research laws in multiple areas.  This includes procedural and substantive issues.

Realistically, it’s simply less likely a family law attorney will have a high caseload.  There are many more cases than just family law.

In sum, if you’re trying to pick an attorney figure out how whether he or she will have the time you and your matter deserves.

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