Am I entitled to Half of My Spouse’s Retirement?

Half of my spouse's retirement, what can I get?
Marital Retirement Account – Can I get half of my spouse’s retirement?

Can I get half of my spouse’s retirement?  Can my spouse get half of mine? It depends, but the short answer is typically yes to both.

Retirement Accounts, Divorce, and MN Law

  • Retirement accounts and pensions are types of property.
  • Property acquired during the marriage is generally marital, subject to a few exceptions.  
  • Whether your name is on the property doesn’t typically matter.
  • Whether the property can be conveniently divided during divorce doesn’t change each spouse’s interest in the property.  If anything, it may only change how or when it’s divided.
  • Whether a spouse is currently drawing from retirement or pensions doesn’t usually impact the other’s interest.

However, the discussion on retirements during a divorce doesn’t end here.  Divorce arguments involving retirement accounts can include:

  • What date to use for valuation
  • Who to use for valuation.  This is particularly important for pensions.
  • How to split the account
  • When to split the account
  • How to balance the account against other assets
  • Whether there is a valid non-marital claim on an account

Half of My Spouse’s Retirement: One Caveat

If the pension or retirement account is marital property, each spouse is entitled to a share.  If one spouse doesn’t want to give the other spouse their share, that’s understandable.  However, this is not a valid legal argument.  In some cases though, a spouse breaks under the other’s pressure. Sometimes unrepresented spouses make a big mistake. The spouse sometimes gives up his or her valuable share of these accounts.

If you’re concerned about a fair division of pension and retirement assets in your divorce, it makes sense to retain an attorney.

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