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Ex has new partner around my kids

Ex Has New Partner Around My Kids – What are My Parenting Rights? 

It’s hard when you first hear that your ex is dating again after your divorce or break up. It can be especially nerve-racking to discover that your ex’s new partner is spending time with your kids during your ex’s parenting time, or possibly even babysitting the kids during your ex’s parenting time. 

ex has new partner around my kids

It’s understandable that you would be anxious about the appropriateness of your child meeting and spending time with your ex’s new girlfriend/boyfriend. You may be concerned about your kids getting attached to your ex’s new partner, uncomfortable with the notion of a stranger “parenting” your child, hurt because it seems too soon, and/or feel disrespected because you were not consulted ahead of time.

However, to answer your question,

Is my ex allowed to have his/her new partner around my kids?” 


In general, your ex is allowed to have his/her new partner in the house with your kids. Your ex’s new partner can also be alone with your children or baby sit, as long as it’s during your ex’s parenting time. 

ex has new partner around kids what are my rights

How Come My Ex’s New Partner is Allowed to be around my Kids?

In Minnesota, it is presumed (absent evidence to the contrary) that each parent is competent to raise the child and make decisions regarding who can be around the child. This is considered a parental right.

Therefore, as long as the parent has parenting time, s/he may generally decide who interacts with his/her child(ren) when in that parent’s care. This includes being able to decide to have his/her new partner around during parenting time with the kids, or babysit during his/her parenting time. 

It’s similar to the idea that, unless otherwise specified previously in your divorce decree or another order, both parents have the right to select a babysitter of his/her choosing for the children during his/her parenting time. 

Ex Has New Partner Around My Kids – When Ex’s New Partner Can Be Restricted

There are a few notable exceptions when your ex’s new partner would not be allowed to be with your ex when s/he is with the kids. However, please note that even in the exceptions below, you will still need an order from the court in order to enforce such a restriction.

ex has new partner around my kids restrictions

Exception 1: When there are developmental risks to the child…

  • This may happen when a child is young and there is a concern regarding the child receiving conflicting messages regarding who his or her parent is. 
  • In this case, you may try to get a court order that prohibits your ex’s boyfriend/girlfriend from spending the night or restricts your ex’s girlfriend/boyfriend’s ability to visit when your ex has parenting time with the children.

Exception 2: When the child’s life is endangered…

  • A court order can place restrictions on your ex’s girlfriend/boyfriend if there is a risk that the boyfriend or girlfriend may endanger the child. This could be due to concerns of physical abuse or sexual abuse from your ex’s girlfriend or boyfriend. 
  • Emotional abuse by your ex’s girlfriend/boyfriend could also result in a restriction, however these tend to be more difficult to prove.
  • For instance, choosing to expose a child to a registered sex offender can potentially jeopardize a parent’s custody and parenting time.

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